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This is the official web site of the Denver Chapter of the Celiac Support Group: CSA Chapter #17. We are an educational, service and support organization for individuals living with celiac sprue or dermatitis herpetiformis and their families and friends.

Chapter Meetings are open to anyone who wants to learn about living the gluten-free lifestyle. Our meetings, other activities and complete calendar are listed under Meetings, Classes & Events.

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We are looking for board members in 2016!
The board of the Denver CSA is a fun, mission-driven and motivated group of volunteers who work together to help support our community, and each other! We are looking for volunteers to fill the following roles:

VP of Programs This person will fill the very important role of planning the Denver CSA's chapter meetings (meetings take place in February [already planned for 2016], April [already planned for 2016], June, October, and December). The role entails finding speakers and venues for our meetings, creating "save the date" email messages and writing meeting recaps for the bimonthly chapter newsletters. In the absence of the Chapter President, the VP of Programs steps in to preside over introductions of our speakers and vendors at chapter meetings. Email vpprograms@denverceliacs.org for any questions about this position.

Treasurer Are you adept at signing checks and balancing a checkbook? The role of the Chapter Treasurer is to do just that, as well as to provide general financial oversight. We are a small organization that does not have a complicated balance sheet, and we work with the National CSA organization for all IRS related reporting, so the treasurer duties are quite simple. Email treasurer@denverceliacs.org for more details about this position.

Other Volunteer Opportunities
Cel-Kids Coordinator Cel-Kids, our support group for children under 10, is looking for a coordinator who will assist in organizing the five children-centered events we host per year. This coordination includes getting the word out to parents about upcoming events via email, working to secure venues and being present at and participating in cel-kids events. The Cel-Kids Coordinator works closely with the Director of Children's programs, who will be available to help answer any questions! Email celkids@denverceliacs.org for more information.

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